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We are in a time where African American women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. Through engagement with one another we can share ideas, experiences, insights and learn from one another while elevating and supporting each other.

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About Me

Prior to running my own businesses, I worked in the finance industry for 15 years. I painstakingly persevered and rose through the ranks to become a Vice President at a prestigious investment bank. In 2018, while working my corporate job, I invested in my friends’ company that imported Acai fruits and sat on the board. Shortly after, I launched a trucking company that long hauled items across the country. 



In 2019, I decided to leverage the skills I gained in trucking and repurposed them in a home delivery business. Shortly thereafter, I decided to take the leap and fully capitalize on my entrepreneurial skills to financially support my family. I commoditized the skills that I developed early on in my career to start several different businesses with many streams of income. It became quite apparent to me that my earnings margin from self-capitalizing on my skill sets were significantly higher than working as a wage and salary employee. With my earnings from my business, I invested in real estate, the stock market, and other franchises, which paved the way for me to become a self-made millionaire within one year.

My journey towards financial freedom and independence continues to be paved with obstacles and roadblocks. As my businesses took off, I lacked direction and could have greatly benefited from a network of entrepreneurial women who had taken this journey before me.  I can completely relate to the sentiment of fear and doubt that begins to set in as you start to consider becoming an entrepreneur.  

Yes, the road may be difficult.

Yes, you may fail.

Yes, you may need to ask for help and guidance.

However, by embracing entrepreneurship, self-capitalizing on your skill set, women can substantially increase their earnings and have a career that they absolutely love.

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One of the most important things is taking stock of your skills and experiences. The outstanding thing about entrepreneurship is that you can leverage the skillset you already have when starting a business. Ultimately, it’s critical to shift from a fixed mindset to an abundance mindset. Entrepreneurship is so exciting because there are so many possibilities. 


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